Is Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Done Overseas Worth it For Australians? 🇦🇺

Written by Hollywood Surgeon

Last updated 08 January 2024

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  • Cheaper isn't always better - your health and safety is more important.
  • Flying home post-BBL is a risky move, putting you at risk for blood clots or pulmonary embolisms.
  • If you need follow-up care post BBL, local surgeons might not be willing to help.

Everyone loves a great deal, right? And when it comes to plastic surgery like the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the promise of a more affordable option overseas can be really tempting. 

Medical tourism has been booming lately, offering beauty-seekers the chance to combine a vacation with a new look. 

But hold on before you pack your bags. Let’s dig into what’s behind that tempting price tag and explore whether going overseas for BBL surgery is really worth it if you’re an Aussie.

Qualifications of the Surgeon: Do They Meet Australian Standards?🦘

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When you venture overseas for BBL surgery, you might find that the surgeon’s qualifications aren’t quite up to par with what you’d find back home. Australian Plastic Surgeons are held to stringent standards, but those rules might not apply in other countries. Does “cheap” mean “inexperienced”? It’s worth asking the question!

Recovery: Is it Truly Luxurious?🛁

That five-star hotel might look amazing, but if things take a turn during your recovery, do they have the right medical equipment? A pretty view won’t be much comfort if something goes wrong.

The Real Cost: What Are You Sacrificing?💰

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Sure, the price tag might be lower, but you need to weigh up why that is. Is it because the care or the experience doesn’t quite measure up? Unfortunately, some BBL patients have found this out the hard way, with fatal consequences.

Post-Op Care: What Happens When You Return Home? 🦘

If complications arise after you’ve jetted back to Australia, getting the care you need might be a real challenge. Follow-up visits and dealing with infections could become a nightmare, and local surgeons might not be willing to step in.

Travel Risks: Could Flying Be Fatal?✈️

Long flights are part of the deal, but did you know that they might also put you at risk for blood clots or pulmonary embolisms? It’s another factor to consider when calculating the real cost of that overseas BBL. 

Is It Worth It? 🤔

Having a BBL done overseas might look good on paper, but when you weigh the risks and potential complications, the price might not be as appealing as it first seems. With skilled and experienced Australian Plastic Surgeons readily available, staying at home might just be the safer, wiser choice for achieving the beauty results you desire.