How do Butt Implants compare to Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Last updated 08 January 2024

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While Brazilian butt lifts are a popular way to augment your buttocks shape, they’re not the only surgical procedure that achieves this result. Other ways to improve the shape and appearance of your buttocks include buttock implant surgery and buttock lifts.

What are butt implants?

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To create volume in your buttocks, artificial devices called butt implants are surgically placed into your buttocks via an incision between your buttock cheeks. This gives the buttocks extra lift and shape. Most butt implants are created using silicone. Unlike injections, these implants are solid.

Butt implants add instant volume and are ideal for people who don’t have enough fat to harvest for BBL.

It’s important to note that some unlicensed providers have injected silicone and other materials into buttocks. Using silicone sealant, commonly used to tile floors or seal bathrooms, this type of procedure can lead to fatal infections and even death. If this product is injected into blood vessels, it can travel to the lungs and heart and cause death.

What happens during butt implant surgery?

During the consultation with your Plastic Surgeon, they’ll choose the surgical technique that depends on:

  • The shape and size of your buttocks
  • Your aesthetic goals and activity level
  • Skin quality and elasticity

In some cases, they may also assess if you have enough fat to harvest for a BBL at the same time as butt implant surgery.

Butt implant surgery requires a general anaesthetic. During this surgical procedure, incisions can be made at various locations including:

  • At the top of both sides of your buttocks
  • Towards the bottom in both of your gluteal creases
  • Between both of your buttock cheeks
  • Down the centre of your sacrum.

The length of each incision will vary from patient to patient.

Your Plastic Surgeon will then insert and position silicone implants into either the gluteal muscle or above it. The incisions will then be closed using layered sutures in the buttock tissue. Sutures, surgical tape or skin adhesive is then used to close the skin.

The results of butt implants will be immediately visible. During the recovery process, the post-surgery swelling will improve, and the incision lines will fade. It’s important to note that butt implant results are permanent.