How to Tell if Someone Had Had a Brazilian Butt Lift 🧐🍑

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Last updated 08 January 2024

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  • A good Brazilian Butt Lift should be hard to tell if you’ve had the surgery or not. 
  • A fake vs natural-looking BBL comes down to the skills of your surgeon.
  • An overfilled, too-rounded butt & unproportional sculpting (big booty, skinny thighs) are tell-tale signs of a BBL. 
Back view of plastic surgeon making injection at buttocks area for young lady, closeup

So, you’ve been hearing all about the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and you’re intrigued. Maybe you’re considering one yourself, or perhaps you’re just curious if that incredibly toned person at the gym had a little help getting those curves. 

Most people who undergo BBL surgery want as natural results as possible – you don’t want people questioning how your booty came to be, right? Well, achieving a natural Brazilian Butt Lift all comes down to your choice of surgeon. 

Below, we’ll give you some of the tell-tale signs someone’s had a BBL, as well as a little quiz at the end to see how well you can spot a Brazilian Butt Lift. 

Left to right: natural-looking vs fake-looking BBL

How to Spot a Bad BBL

You’ve been eying someone at the gym, and something about their butt just doesn’t sit right with you (pun intended). Could it be a BBL gone wrong? Here are some signs:

Big Booty, Skinny Thighs

Natural buttocks usually flow into the thighs, creating a balanced look. If someone has a voluminous rear but their thighs don’t match, it could be a BBL red flag.

Reddit users on a thread about how to tell if that gym girl’s had a BBL or not that if the thighs and booty don’t match, it’s a clear sign.


While all surgeries will leave some scars, visible or poorly hidden scars could be a sign of a BBL, especially if they’re located in areas typically used for fat extraction or injection.

Lumpiness or Sagging

If the injected fat doesn’t settle properly or some of it doesn’t survive, it can lead to a lumpy or saggy appearance—a telltale sign of a less-than-stellar BBL.

You can see how this BBL has turned out saggy and lumpy.

Overfilled Appearance

If the buttocks look like they’re about to burst or appear unnaturally round, that’s likely the result of overfilling during the BBL procedure.

Signs of a Good Brazilian Butt Lift 

The Perfect Hourglass Figure

Many people naturally have an hourglass figure, but a BBL can enhance this silhouette even further. If someone at the gym has a dramatically tapered waist with fuller hips and buttocks, they might have had a BBL … or they might be naturally blessed. 

Smooth Transitions

A skilled surgeon will ensure that the newly added fat blends seamlessly with the existing tissues. If the transition from the waist to the hips and buttocks appears exceptionally smooth and well-proportioned, it’s a sign of a well-done BBL.

Proportional Sculpting

You can see how this BBL from Cosmos Clinic is proportional to the recipient’s thighs and waist.

A well-done BBL takes the whole lower body into account. If you’ve got thin legs, a good surgeon will shape a butt that looks natural with your thighs. On the other hand, if you’ve got thicker legs, you can expect a bigger booty that matches well. It’s all about getting that balance right for a look that suits you.

Minimal Scarring

High-quality BBL procedures leave minimal scarring, usually hidden in natural folds or hard-to-see areas. If you don’t see any scars, it doesn’t rule out a BBL, but visible scarring could be a giveaway.

The Quiz: Who’s Had a Butt Augmentation? 

Alright, time for a bit of fun. Below are five pictures. Can you guess who’s had work done to their booty and who’s is natural? 


  • 1. BBL – The buttocks are overly large and almost look like it’s going to burst. 
  • 2. BBL – But notice the smooth transitions and well-proportioned shape.
  • 3. No BBL – Fit, but lacks the signature roundness of a BBL.
  • 4. BBL – The overly large buttocks combined with some sag and lumpiness are giveaways.
  • 5. No BBL – While in great shape, the silhouette doesn’t scream BBL.

Want a Natural BBL? Choose the Right Surgeon 👩🏼‍⚕️

A Brazilian Butt Lift can be an excellent way to boost confidence and achieve the body shape you’ve always wanted. However, the key to a natural-looking BBL lies in the skill of the surgeon. So if you’re considering this procedure, make sure you do your research and choose wisely. After all, you want people guessing whether you’ve had a BBL, not knowing for sure, right? 😉