9 Questions You NEED to Ask At Your Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation πŸ‘

Written by Hollywood Surgeon

Last updated 08 January 2024

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So, you’ve tried all the squats and lunges in the world but your booty just isn’t popping the way you want it to. You’re now eyeing a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and wondering, “Is this the right move?” First of all, never feel shy about asking questions. That’s what the doctor’s there for, right? To make this easier for you, we’ve gathered the top 9 questions you shouldn’t hesitate to ask at your BBL consultation.

1. Can I Sit Down After a Brazilian Butt Lift? πŸͺ‘

Sitting post-surgery can be a tricky business. You’ll need to dodge direct pressure on your newly sculpted bum for about two weeks. That means standing, lying on your side or tummy, or using a BBL cushion while sitting is your best bet.

2. Will My Butt Feel and Look Natural? πŸ‘

Worried about having a fake-looking bottom? Don’t be! A BBL uses your own body fat transferred from places like your thighs or waist, making the results look and feel super natural. It’s normal for it to feel a bit tight or firm at first, but that settles down after a couple of months.

Back view of plastic surgeon making injection at buttocks area for young lady, closeup

3. What About My Wardrobe? Can I Still Wear Jeans? πŸ‘–

You might want to hold off on squeezing into those skinny jeans. For the first six weeks, you’ll be in compression garments to help with healing. Anything too snug might interfere with the transferred fat cells and mess with the final look. After about eight weeks, you can gradually get back to your usual fashion groove.

4. Will There Be Scarring? 🫣

Scared of scars? Thankfully, the incisions for a BBL are tiny and strategically placed. Most patients end up with minimal to invisible scarring. But remember, everyone’s body heals differently.

5. Can I Go to the Loo Normally Post-Surgery? 🚽

It sounds awkward, but you’ll have to get creative when using the toilet to avoid discomfort. A rolled towel under your thighs might do the trick. Also, consider an over-the-counter stool softener post-procedure to make life easier.

6. Am I A Good Candidate? πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

This one’s crucial. Your surgeon will chat about your medical history and goals to figure out if a BBL is the best fit for you. They’ll also do a physical examination to gauge your suitability for the procedure.

7. Fat Transfer or Implants, Which is Best? πŸ«“

Not everyone has enough ‘donor fat’ for a BBL. If that’s the case, your doc might recommend alternative treatments. Make sure to discuss your options thoroughly.

8. Are You Board-Certified? 🩺

Do your homework and verify your surgeon’s credentials. Being board-certified is a sign that your doctor is qualified, ethical, and constantly upskilling.

9. What’s the Cost? Any Hidden Charges? πŸ’°

Make sure you get an all-inclusive estimate, covering surgeon’s fees, medications, and those all-important post-surgery garments. Don’t get caught off-guard by hidden costs.

Know Before You Go 🧐

Consultations are the ideal time to get all the nitty-gritty details straight. You’re investing time, money, and emotions into this, so don’t leave until you’re fully armed with all the facts. So, jot down these questions and fire away at your next consultation. After all, knowledge is booty power πŸ‘