Why Does the Cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift Vary So Much?💰

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Last updated 08 January 2024

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  • Beware of 'bargain BBLs' that are designed to lure you in with low-costs and no regard for safety or quality of work.
  • Reputation of surgeon , scope of the procedure and where you live will all affect how much your BBL costs.
  • Getting the look for less will ultimately cost you more in the long run – choose a reputable and experience surgeon first time around.
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If you’ve ever done a quick search on the cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), you might’ve noticed that the price range is surprisingly broad. 

In countries like the U.S, prices can start from around AUD$15,000 and shoot up to $30,000 or more. 

How much does BBL cost in Australia? It’s a lot cheaper – starting from around $9,000 AUD up to $15,000 AUD. 

So, what’s the deal? Why do prices fluctuate so much – even within the same country? Let’s find out. 

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Below we have the top 5 countries searching for Brazilian Butt Lifts, and have broken down the pricing in Australian dollars so you can see the differences in each country.

Country Brazilian Butt Lift Cost ($AUD)
United States Prices start from $8,000
Germany Prices start from $10,000
United Kingdom  Prices start from $11,000
Canada Prices start from $14,000
Australia Prices start from $7,000

What Causes BBL Prices to Vary? 

Cosmos Clinic BBL

BBL specialist Dr David Shafer told RealSelf, “The BBL procedure is not something where you want a bargain shop. You want to pay for the best because you want to have the best, and having the best doesn’t just mean the result but the safety of the patient. 

“In our office in New York, a BBL can be anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 (AUD $15,800–$31,600. And the price difference is usually based on how many areas of liposuction you’re having. 

“A lot of patients do go to other countries and have the procedure done, and then they have complications and end up in my office wanting me to fix what they had done. It’s better to get it done right the first time than to have to suffer through all the consequences of complication.”

Some other factors cause BBL prices to vary, including: 

Quality and Reputation of the Surgeon

You’re not just paying for the procedure, you’re paying for the experience of the person doing the procedure. – Dr David Shafer

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. The more reputable and experienced the surgeon, the higher the cost is likely to be. Surgeons with years of experience and a portfolio of successful surgeries often charge a premium for their services. Keep in mind that you’re not just paying for the surgery itself, but for the skill and expertise that comes with years of specialised training.

Geographic Location

Even within the same country, prices can vary depending on the city or region. In larger, more cosmopolitan cities, you might find that the cost is significantly higher than in smaller towns or regions. Overheads, such as the cost of renting a clinic space and staff salaries, play a role in this.

Scope of the Procedure & Amount of Fat Transferred

Some clinics may advertise a “starting from” price that seems very attractive but be cautious. Often, these prices are lower than the actual total cost because they’re designed to lure you in. 

How much fat you have deposited will also affect the cost. SOURCE: West End Plastic Surgery

They might only cover the most basic procedure and not include essentials like anaesthesia, post-op care, or even the hospital stay. Always clarify what’s included in the price.

Or, some places charge based on the amount of fat being transferred rather than offering a package deal. If you require a significant amount of fat to be transferred, this could drastically increase the cost.

Additional Treatments

Sometimes, a BBL is performed in conjunction with other procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck. This will, of course, drive up the overall cost. Be sure to ask whether your quote includes these additional procedures or whether they are billed separately.

Beware of the Bargain BBL

What is a bargain BBL? It’s a low-cost version of the typical, safer BBL surgery. While cost is a big factor, these cheap options usually come with shortcuts in surgical procedures, and inadequate aftercare, and are often performed by unqualified practitioners. 

“Because these clinics do offer these very low prices, that can be attractive to a lot of patients who aren’t considering their safety or the qualifications of the provider performing the procedure – all they see are dollar signs,” explains Joe Hadeed, MD, FACS

Getting the Look for Less May Cost You More 💰

So, what’s the takeaway here? Remember the age-old saying: “You get what you pay for.” While it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, consider what you might be sacrificing in terms of quality and safety. It’s crucial to consult with reputable and experienced surgeons and to fully understand the breakdown of costs before your procedure. 

Don’t get sucked in by low prices that seem too good to be true—they often are. Do your homework, consult multiple BBL surgeons, and make an informed decision. After all, this is your body we’re talking about, and it deserves the best.